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Matthew Atkinson is an american actor. Atkinson’s role on “Jane By Design” marks his first series regular role, but he is not unfamiliar to television audiences. He has been seen in “CSI,” “Drop Dead Diva” and “One Tree Hill.” He has also appeared in the Academy Award-winning feature film, “The Blind Side.” More?

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Title: Jane by Design (2012)
Status: Cancelled
Playing: Nick Fadden
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Shreya Dhyani • 15 • New Jersey
Why do you love Matthew Atkinson? His smile is just killer and when he smiles I feel like im just about to melt down because its soooooo cute and the way he acts...oh its amazing how I can get this feeling like he'b actually talking to me and its like, you start believing that the character he's playing is real and isnt made up...it feels so realistic. And from a lot of actions a statements I feel like matt is the type of person who is funny and lives life to the fullest. I like how his statements say that he doesnt consider himself famous because to me, it proves hiw down to earth he is. Read More
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Jane by Design’s ratings and Official Download!
Posted by Vera on Feb 24, 2012 with 0 Comments

This week’s episode of “Jane by Design” had a total of 1.348 million viewers!

You can download the episode on iTunes here!

Source: TVbyTheNumbers

Also added a new still for next week’s episode “The Getaway“! Check it @ the gallery.


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